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Oak Infusion Spirals Carboy Size - American Heavy Toast - Doc's Cellar

Oak Infusion Spirals Carboy Size - American Heavy Toast

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  • $10.95

The Infusion Spiral is a patented system used to add flavor and aroma to fine wine, but also can be applied to whiskey, rum, tequila, and beer.  The unique spiral-cut design creates unrivaled surface area in a small package, allowing fast extraction of the toasted oak's aroma and flavor compounds with refined integration in the wine.

The big surface area of the spiral design allows a shorter pickup time of wood character. Allowing adequate wood impact in a matter of 7 to 14 days of contact time. Toasting is a process measured in time and temperature, not color. Differences in darkness or lightness of identically toasted woods is due to natural differences in the wood before toasting, such as grain tightness and moisture, each of which falls into a range of values that meets our standard.

American Oak: Featuring tight grain sourced from Missouri forests. This wood is void of sapwood, bark and knots and air dried for 24 months. This oak is available in light, medium, medium plus, and heavy toast levels with convection toasting used for thorough and uniform results.

The high-temperature toast, Heavy, creates pronounced caramelized wood that adds notes of smoke, toasted bread and dark chocolate. 

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