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Great Cooking With Beer - Doc's Cellar

Great Cooking With Beer

Doc's Cellar

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Gourmet beer brewed by microbreweries and brewpubs is the beverage of the '90s. Beer dinners, tastings, menus, and recipes with amber lagers, ales, porters, stouts, wheat, fruit, and chili beers are just a sample of the exciting and different ideas contained in this unusual book.  Great Cooking with Beer is more than a collection of recipes; it includes a history of beer, a description of brewing styles, and a guide to planning beer-tasting dinners in your home. 

Recipes include Clam and Parmesan Appetizers ... Beer Batter Onion Rings ... Beer-Cheese Dip for Vegetables ... Spicy Cold Shrimp Salad ... Hot and Spicy Refried Beans ... Classic Beer Bread ... Beer-Marinated Baked Chicken Wings ... Southern-Style Fried chicken Breasts with Beer Gravy ... Fresh Ham Braised in Stout ... Italian Sausages in Beer Casserole ... Spareribs in Beer ... Beer Hamburgers ... Trout in Beer ... and many others. 148 pages.

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