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2-Row - Rahr - Doc's Cellar

2-Row Malt


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Depending on availability, our in house base malt is either Rahr 2-row or Great Western 2-row, or Briess Malting 2-row

Rahr: 1.8-2.0L - Rahr Standard 2-Row is a light-colored base malt made from a blend of American 2-Row barley varieties. It is darker than most lager malts, but lighter than most pale ale malts. It has moderate protein levels, and good extract yield. Its neutral characteristics make it extremely versatile, and it is widely used by American craft breweries as a choice base malt for any beer style.

Great Western: 2 L - Great Westerns most popular base malt- perfect for all beer styles- especially American ales and lagers. Produces a very clean, smooth finish. Ideal for both all malt beers and for adjuncted mashes.

Briess: 1.8 L  - Clean, sweet, mild malty — Malted in small batches, making it an excellent fit for small batch craft brewing; use as base malt for all styles.

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