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Twin Roller Grain Mill

Doc's Cellar

  • $124.99

Our durable mill will efficiently grind even the most stubborn grains, corn and malted (and non-malted) barleys.  Our mill has a solid base and can be easily attached to an electric drill with no extra parts.  At 500 RPM, you can crush up to size pounds per minute.  You can even create a 'bench mill' by adding a motor, pulley wheel and belt.

Customize your grind:  It has an easily adjustable gap setting so you can fit it to the size of the grain.

Spare your knuckles:  The longer shaft won't hit the pail if you opt to use the hand crank.  Or you can attach it to a stationary mill for added convenience.

It's easy to clean:  The rollers are made of stainless steel.

It's big:  The Standard Hopper holds 10 lbs.

And versatile:  It is also easily adjusted to different size buckets.

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