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US Amarillo®

US Amarillo®

Doc's Cellar

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Also known as VGXP01, the Amarillo variety is exclusively managed by Virgil Gamache Farms of Toppenish, WA, where it was originally found growing wild in 1998.With respectable alpha acid content, Amarillo can be a dual-purpose hop and contribute to bittering additions, but with its unique, highly sought-after aromas and flavors combined with high demand, it's most often seen in late-kettle or whirlpool additions and as a dry hop. Amarillo is intense and pungent. Red grapefruit overtones reminiscent of Cascade are overlaid with tropical fruit and ripe melon. It can contribute a renowned musty dank quality much prized by those who love it

Amarillo® is a trademark owned by Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc.

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