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Scottzyme Color Pro

Scott Labs

  • $9.99

Color Pro is a specialty macerating enzyme to enhance both red and white wines.  Wines with Color Pro tend to have increased tannins, improved clarity, and reduced herbaceous or "veggie" character.  Low doses are recommended for red varieties that are underripe, low in anthocyanin or high seed tannins.  For "big" reds from ripe fruit with mature seeds, higher doses are recommended.

Reds: 3-5 ml/100 lb.  Add to crushed grapes, best before fermentation.  

Usage: Dilute Color Pro to approximately a 10% solution in cool water.  Sprinkle the solution over the crushed grapes or add during a pump-over before alcoholic fermentation.  

Whites: .75-1.5 ml/100lb, add to juice or wine.

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