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Fermfast Gluco-amylase Enzyme - Doc's Cellar

Fermfast Gluco-amylase Enzyme

Doc's Cellar

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Glucoamylase (10g) - Sufficient for up to 20 lbs. of dextrins

Application: Powdered Glycoamylase enzyme for hydrolysis of short-chain dextrin into fermentable sugars. For saccharification of dextrin following mashing of grains, potato or any other starch-based substrate prior to ethanol fermentation.

Directions: For optimal activity add sachet contents to wash or wort once cooled to 131-140F. Stir to dissolve thoroughly. Pitch yeast once temperature is below 86F and leave to ferment. 

Enzyme is stable up to 149F.
Optimum pH is 4.0 to 4.5 (enzyme is stable between pH 2.8 and 5.0)
Note: all enzymes require 50ppm calcium ions for maximum activity and stability.


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