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Recommended for Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Semillon, Voignier, Dry Whites and Rose.

  • Fermentations are characterized by a short lag phase followed by a regular fermentation. Will tolerate a fer¬≠mentation temperature range of 15-20¬∞C(59-68¬∞F).
  • It is a high polysaccharide producer and wines made with it are known for their accentuated fruit and great volume.
  • Excellent results are obtained for barrel-fermented Chardonnay, especially when blended with wines made with Lalvin ICV D21.
Alcohol Tolerance 14%
Relative Nitrogen Needs Low
Temp. Range (F) 59-68
Fermentation Speed Moderate
Competitive Factor Yes
MLF Compatability Good

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